Kurry Qulture

I was excited to be invited in to try 30th Avenue’s newest restaurant, Kurry Qulture. I don’t eat Indian food often but love the vegetarian dishes that most spots offer. I headed in on a Friday night to try a tasting off the menu and learned the concept behind the restaurant. Owners and Astoria residents Sonny and Vanessa Solomon are kind-hearted people who are excited about their offerings to the neighborhood.

The menu is seasonal and will rotate to showcase Indian dishes with both ingredients from India and America. For example, currently there is a turkey based curry dish on the menu giving a nod to Thanksgiving. The menu is a price fix set at $33/person and provides three courses.

While visiting I had the opportunity to try the manchurian cauliflower, shakarkandi sweet potato, the lentils, paneer, sweet and sour eggplant, garlic naan, and the dessert trio. My favorites were definitely the cauliflower and paneer, both not too spicy and very flavorful. The cauliflower tasted like it could have been a chicken wing, I was very excited for that. The dessert trio was also amazing, especially the chocolate rum truffle which was rich and flavorful. The food was all delicious and a higher quality than most price fixes one finds at Indian restaurants. Also, the ambience of the restaurant is entertaining, from the attentive wait staff to the carefully chosen soundtrack featuring Bollywood music. Sonny, a veteran in the restaurant business really took his time crafting the overall experience of Kurry Qulture from the artwork to the food to the music. The wait staff should definitely be commended for being A+ with a great knowledge of the menu and drinks. Kurry Qulture is a great upscale dining addition to the neighborhood and I’d recommend checking it out. Check out pictures from my visit after the jump.

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